Loving the new Main Page feature. Just wanted to report a few things I’ve noticed though.
The Facebook and LinkedIn icons are the wrong way around. (The Facebook link shows the LinkedIn icon, vice-verca). (NOW FIXED.)
Links cannot be reordered without removing and re-adding them.
Short links can’t be used for the icon links at the bottom.
fb.com is used instead of www.facebook.com. (Partially fixed. The the www subdomain still needs adding.)
instagram.com is used instead of www.instagram.com.
Since you already host user profile pictures via AWS, you should provide an option to use the link to that image for the Main Page. Example: https://shortio-user-photos.s3.amazonaws.com/c0f01369-0b78-4622-9dba-30e835bac6c8
It’s not immediately obvious on how to get the Main Page published. I had to contact support and we eventually figured out that you have to remove the Main Page Redirect for the Main Page to show up. So now the Main Page Redirect shows as “Not configured” while there’s no indication to say that the Main Page is working/not working.
I'd like to be able to choose whether the links on the page are opened in a new tab when clicked.
Can’t save a main page to use it on a different domain too. I have to recreate it.
Can't specify a link to an image to use for the favicon.