Security incident
Between July 13th and July 19th URL column in click stream for some clients leaked other clients' original URLs.
Log of the incident:
  1. Jun 19th 9:20 AM UTC the incident was reported
  2. Jun 19th 12 AM UTC we prevented access to leaked URLs
  3. Jun 19th 1 PM UTC we fixed the problem
  4. Jun 19th 9:30 PM UTC we notified clients about the leak
After investigation we found that 3 private links of 2 of our clients were visible to 4 other decent business clients, which are not their competitors
These 2 clients were notified about the incident. Security vulnerability was not exploited by anyone
We are doing our best to keep your links secure and we plan to improve our security to prevent these incidents in future
Filters by Date
Filtering links by date is now available!
Link Integrations
We have added the possibility to create integrations separately for every short link. GA, GTM, Facebook Pixel, and Adroll integrations are available 🎉
link-integrations App for iOS
We have launched the mobile application for iOS so that you are not chained to your computer. Shorten, customize and share short links on the go 🔥
Link to the app ➡️
Improved robot detection in statistics
Now if the browser version has a market share < 0.01%, then we consider it as a bot.
photo_2021-05-18_16-01-19 Telegram Bot
Hooray 🎉 We have launched the Telegram bot for shortening links outside the dashboard. Details ➡️
Adding Team Members in Bulk
Now you can add team members in bulk what saves you time and effort.
Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 12
Australian Servers
We have added services in a new Australian region to speed up links in Australia, New Zealand and South Eastern Asia.
If you use CNAME record and if you have bought a domain from us, no need to change anything - all your redirects became faster. Unfortunately, there is no way to use these servers if you configure domains with A records. Please update your configuration by creating a CNAME record to to speed up your links
Search Filters
Now filters are based on Elasticsearch that allows searching for links by a broader range of options 💥 For example, Android URL, Variation page, etc. Details ➡️
QR Code Bulk Download
Download QR codes in bulk 💥 Select necessary links, and click
Download QR'S
. Details ➡️
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